Hello! I'm Ben: I'm a content creator and visual storyteller

Art direction
Motion graphics
Sound design
Im a videographer and video editor living and working in Canberra . I’m a collector of moments. I preserve motion. I tell stories. I’ve been doing so for many years in many formats. I like to play with light, color and music without restraints, but I do enjoy the occasional limits as any human being. I dare to dream where most people just sleep. I sleep…very little sometimes. I like to keep myself busy.


Trying to select my best work is often a demanding task. I’m very critical of my own work. as expected from a creative: I hate criticism…thus…I hate myself, but not today. Today I’m loving every bit of myself. Let's get to the good stuff...shall we? Update 2022: I've got a lot of new videos coming up soon



Liked the work? Let's start something together!

Why work with me?

If you’ve come this far, there is something that caught your eye. If I’m lucky enough, maybe both. If you would like your eyes back please contact me. I’ll make it easy: I will tell you the reasons why NOT to work with me instead: You don’t like creativity, you like boring videos, you want cheap and fast stuff, you have a time machine and want videos done for yesterday, you hate fun, you listen to quirky techno music from Atlantis at a low volume on cheap speakers
I have my own gear
  • 2 Canon® 6D (MKI and MKII)
  • A tiny but mighty OSMO POCKET®
  • An assortment of lenses (17-40, 35, 50, 100, 135)
  • Zhiyun® WEEBILL LAB
  • RGB LED lights
  • And more...If I can get my hands on more money of course
I know my way around software
I'm very proeficient with Final Cut Pro X but I've used almost every NLE there is.
  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Davinci Resolve
  • Edius and Vegas (I haven't used those in a while to be honest, but I'm familiar)
But wait! there's more!
I know how to do 2d and 3d animation as well. I've used:
  • Apple Motion®
  • Adobe After Effects®
  • Maxon Cinema 4D®
  • Blender®
Ok! let's do this!

Let's get in touch

Canberra, Australia
264, City Walk, ACT